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“Connection is why we’re here. We are hardwired to  connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and  meaning to our lives…”          ~ Brené Brown 


Need to connect & engage with people quickly & authentically?

  • As an experienced storyteller, communicator, presenter and workshop leader, I help people from all walks of life and occupations ‘find their stories’, explore and develop their confidence and charisma as speakers, communicators and presenters.
  • By exploring your personal and professional stories, I help you to become an eloquent speaker, engaging presenter and inspired communicator – capable of successfully connecting with colleagues, clients & community and delivering your message to any audience in any situation.
  • Using the richness and idiom of every-day English with humour, play and the art of storytelling. myth and metaphor, Michael helps business leaders, managers, sales teams, entrepreneurs, educators, administrators, and students discover inner resources, and explore & exploit their hidden potential as engaging communicators. 

Facilitator, Mentor, Seminar & Workshop Leader:                               

laughing Speaker1 As a former Divisional Governor Scandinavia for Toastmasters International and VP, Public Relations, for Karlstad International Toastmasters, Michael has been recognised for ‘Exceptional Achievements as a Competent Communicator’ by Toastmasters International. His seminars, courses and workshops are a dynamic blend of techniques, content, humour, inspiration, games, play  – and having fun is the quickest way to learn.  With the benefit of having lived and worked in several countries, Michael utilises his gifts as a speaker, performer, leader and storyteller to  teach, inspire and mentor young and old from all walks of life. He is a compelling public presenter, inspiring teacher and facilitator, empathic mentor and engaging workshop leader.

The key to authentic communication can be summed up in two words: “Only Connect…” ~ E.M. Forster, ‘Howards End’ 

Seminar & workshop Programme  for executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers, educators & graduates

a).’Why Stories Matter…’  and b). ‘The Power of Story – and how to use it’ …A range of seminars, workshops, courses are currently being offered to individuals, executives/management and entrepreneurs whose first language is not English, but who need to speak, present and communicate more fluently and engagingly for business meetings, presentations and negotiations.

 Using the art and science of Story and storytelling, I help people from all walks of life to lift their presentation and personal communication skills and instil a higher degree of confidence, connection, charisma and engagement in their social and professional lives… a mix of skills and attributes sadly lacking in many men and women – especially in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The generational legacy of Jantelagen has much to answer for!

 All activities are therefore conducted in English.

 I work with the power of story, myth, archetypes, metaphor, public speaking, role-play and impromptu speaking on stage and off. Games, fun, play, storytelling, drama, intuition and accessing the creative imagination also play a big part in all activities.

 Call for an initial conversation to assess your wants and needs, book a Talk, Seminar or Workshop. For further details:

 CALL: 00 46 (0) 706 16 15 22 (between 09.00 – 20.00)


I work across Scandinavia, in the UK, and elsewhere in Europe. Activities take place both at company offices and private residences – all activities are in English

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Historic note to illustration: ‘The Gossips’ by American artist Norman Rockwell featured on the March 6, 1948 ‘Saturday Evening Post’ magazine cover …did you know that gossiping is the most widespread form of human communication!