Why Stories Matter


“People don’t want more information. They are up to their eye-balls in information. They want faith – faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell.” ~ Annette Simmons

Telling compelling stories is the fastest, most effective way to engage & hold people’s attention.

Far more compelling than lengthy power-points, dry descriptions or floods of facts’n’figures!  It’s an accepted fact that our messages are more potent and persuasive when stories are incorporated into the narrative. Wrapping your message, arguments and supporting details in the colourful cloak of Story, significantly lifts the energy of your delivery and the power of your presentation. And your audience will see, hear and connect to a more engaging, convincing and authentic ‘You’. 

“All acts of creating, building, and sustaining are an act of story.”      ~ Michael Margolis 

Why is the art of storytelling so important to business leaders?             “…Because you can’t just order people to “be more creative” or to “get motivated” or to “start loving your job.” The human brain doesn’t work that way. But you can lead them there with a good story. You can’t even successfully order people to “follow the rules” because nobody reads the rulebook. But people will read a good story about a guy who broke the rules and got fired, or a woman who followed the rules and got a raise. And that would be more effective than reading the rulebook anyway…” ~ Paul Smith, ‘How to use Storytelling as a Leadership Tool’ (Forbes Magazine, August 2012)

“The highest-paid person in the first half of the next century will be the ‘storyteller’…” ~ Rolf Jensen

Facilitator, Storyteller, Workshop Leader & Mentor

 “As a skilled and engaging storyteller, you’ll communicate faster, connect more authentically with your audience in any situation at any time” ~ Michael Vanderosen 

With the benefit of having worked and lived in several countries and cultures, Michael uses his talent as a communicator to inspire people from all walks of life to find and tell the stories that are important to them.  His message is simple: “…Using the power and magic of Story you’ll connect easily and effectively to people with more conviction, humour and authenticity than you ever thought possible.”

“With a massive amount of valuable experience from different parts of the world and varied fields and markets, Michael has developed a unique and solid competence in Storytelling. He will help any organisation develop their story, the one that matters. I can honestly recommend Michael to anyone wanting to develop through their own story.” ~ Pontus Dahlberg, Ombudsman Unionen, Karlstad, Sweden

Michael Vanderosen is a speaker, workshop leader and storyteller with exceptional charisma, humour and integrity who enhances communication and presentation into a memorable learning experience.” ~ Lyndelle Palmer Clarke, Stockholm, Sweden

“You are a truly gifted and entertaining story-teller …when you tell a story I feel like I am there. It is unlike anyone I have ever heard. It is a pleasure to listen and learn from you.”  ~ Neal Greenspan, Copenhagen, Denmark

“You are an excellent and amusing speaker and you have a lot of fascinating things to say…” ~ Åsa Rydhard, Borås, Sweden

“Using colourful examples, exercises, play and a wisdom gained  from many years in different cultures, Michael’s talent as a communicator and presenter helps people find the stories that are important – and gives us the confidence to tell them.” ~ Subhasha Conrad Born, Nordmark, Sweden

‘Finding a Better Way’ – Interactive Seminars & Workshops:

‘Only Connect – why stories matter…’ and ‘ The Power of Story – and how to use it’… 

Powerful and playful experiential workshops, seminars and talks tailored to the group, class or individual’s need to communicate persuasive, engaging messages to their audiences quickly, confidently and authentically.

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skyfall-daniel-craig-as-james-bond-with-aston-martin-db5“Stories are the most powerful way to put ideas into the world  today” ~ Robert McKee

With grateful thanks, acknowledgements and admiration to Eon Productions, MGM & Sony Pictures… and not least to Daniel Craig and Ian Fleming!