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 ” Storytelling is the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit.”           ~ Howard Gardner

Being an eloquent, engaging speaker and inspiring presenter is no longer just an occasional ‘now and then’ ability, but a vital communications tool which leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, technicians – and graduates – need to know how to use effectively if they, and the organisations and businesses they serve, are to survive and thrive in an increasingly challenging commercial climate.

I help people become powerful, compelling speakers and engaging presenters using the fastest and most effective form of communication that human beings have evolved since we first learned to speak. Using the art and science of Storytelling you’ll acquire the key communications skill that’s missing from countless leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and graduates skill-sets when embarking on a new direction or looking for the most effective path to career success and personal fulfillment.

By employing the emotive power of story in our speeches, presentations and pitches, we not only connect with people faster and more sustainably than by flooding them with facts’n’figures, lists and logic – we engage quickly, empathically – and authentically – with our audience.

I’ve spent a lifetime navigating the peaks and valleys of the communication landscape, situations where presenting and connecting successfully with individuals, groups or teams was not just a regular requirement, but the fastest route to influencing clients and colleagues to meaningful engagement and action.

Many say that, for them, there’s no greater measure of personal growth than becoming a confident, inspiring presenter-storyteller and experiencing the thrill of authentic connection and engagement with their audience – whether in a business meeting, at a conference, on stage, or in social gatherings with family and friends.

Whether you’re a business leader, manager, entrepreneur – or graduate wanting to get onto the career ladder – you need a ‘fast track’ to get your message or pitch across… Using a compelling story is a proven faster way of connecting with people. Simply put, by learning the power of storytelling you are using the most effective, authentic way to engage any audience – anywhere!

“The leader must have both – the courage to take the people to a daring destination – and the humility to selflessly serve others on the journey.” ~ Cheryl A. Bachelder, ‘Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others’ 

Mentoring and skills that will enhance your performance to:

  • Connect, inspire and influence quickly and authentically
  • Become a compelling presenter using the power of story
  • Increase confidence & charisma via personal mentoring

I’m here to help you find a better, faster, more effective way to reach your goals.

Michael A. Vanderosen

Note: all activities are conducted in English.

“The highest-paid person in the first half of the next century will be the ‘storyteller’  ~ Rolf Jensen


Michael has been in the front-line of international business, communication, presentation, visual & performing arts, personal & professional development for over 40 years. Speaking four languages, he has a record of successful achievement in trade and economic development, marketing communications, sales, public relations, the performing arts, event management & promotion, hospitality, publishing, fine & contemporary art, personal development, sustainability. Expertise in developing relationships at all levels in industry, government and local community environments includes interpersonal skills such as empathy, diplomacy, intuition, negotiation and bringing people together in common cause and win-win outcomes. He is a charismatic communicator, presenter, performer and public speaker, as well as a master storyteller, gifted seminar and workshop leader. Michael has a background steeped in ceremonial and hosting and is an experienced professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. Having been helped and guided by inspiring teachers and mentors in his own life, Michael now offers empathic mentoring and facilitation to young and old from all walks of life.








UK/Canada Chamber of Commerce, InterNations Stockholm, GEN-International (Global Eco-village Network), The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC), The Light Cavalry (HAC), Le Confrèrie du Sabre d’Or de Champagne, Officer rank of Chevalier-Sabreur, The Harrow Association, The National Register for Hypnotherapy (Rsgd), Institute for Clinical Hypnosis (Diploma DCH), The General Hypnotherapy Register (Rsgd), Healing International (MHI), Toastmasters International (Rsgd), The Sloane Club, London.


Connecting with people, storytelling, writing, mentoring, seminar/workshop giving, inspired speaking, subject matter research, performing, theatre (actor-producer), world cinema, visual arts, good conversation, reading, ideas creation, world community, sustainability, , ideas, myth & metaphor, partnership studies, comparative religion, integrated healthcare, intuition, hypnosis, holistic healing, personal and spiritual development, eco-community living, transition towns. toastmaster & master of ceremonies, event hosting, hospitality, food, wine, travel, books, music, house-boat living, dancing, walking by the ocean and in nature.


TM:MC & Chevalier Sabreur …As an experienced, professional Toastmaster, Master of  Ceremonies and Chevalier-Sabreur of the Confrérie du Sabre d’OrMichael has a life-time’s experience in hosting and animating all types of celebrations: from destination weddings, anniversaries, name-givings, company conferences, award dinners, Gala balls, charity auctions, after-dinner speaking …to full military ceremonial and guards of honour.  As an experienced Master of Ceremonies, Michael is available for official and private functions, celebrations, special events and Champagne Sabrage ceremonials. A former Division Governor of Toastmasters International, public speaker, host and moderator Michael is happy to travel to functions and events throughout Europe and USA.

Trooper Vanderosen of the Light Cavalry (Honourable Artillery Company)forming up as Dismounted Guard of Honour at the London Law Courts for The Lord Mayor's Show 2003 …As an Army Volunteer Reservist with the Honourable Artillery Company Infantry battalion for six years, Michael completed  TAVR (Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve) training as a part-time soldier in the UK and Malta. As a life-time and veteran member of the HAC and a Trooper in The Light Cavalry (HAC), Michael has participated in many ceremonials and Guards of Honour. In particular for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Captain-General of the Honourable Artillery Company and The Light Cavalry HAC) in the City of London and at Windsor …And in London for the Lord Mayor of the City of London and the Lady Mayoress, HRH King Baudouin of Belgium, The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, the Instatement of the Constable of the Tower of London, well as for The City of London Corporation and Livery Companies at The Mansion House, The Guildhall and City of London Livery Halls, various Armoury House open days, balls and functions as well as St George’s Day and November 11th Remembrance Day Ceremonials.

 “…This above all: to thine own self be true, 

And it must follow, as the night the day, 

Thou canst not then be false to any man…” 

~ William Shakespeare


What is your story ?