Story 1: ‘How Green found his family’ ~ from ‘How Green found his Family …and other Colourful Stories’

‘How Green found his Family …and other Colourful Stories’

by Michael A Vanderosen

Story 1: How Green found his Family 

One bright summer’s day Green was walking near a beautiful lake. Despite the warm yellow sunshine, a soft summer breeze full of birdsong and the sparkling blue waters of the lake, Green was feeling sad.

He didn’t know where he’d come from… or why he was just plain green. Green saw himself as boring and ordinary. Not special like Bold Red, Bright Orange or Proud Purple. He wanted to know why he wasn’t a more exciting colour.

Green sat down on a rock and looked out over the lake miserably wondering why he was just boring old green.

His head bowed with doubts about his identity and unsure of his place in the world, Green stared forlornly into the lake. A large, wobbly wet tear ran down his soft green face and he could feel a sob rising in his throat.

But just as Green was about to burst into tears completely he was stopped by a wondrous sight: All of a sudden the sun came out from behind a cloud and shone its sun-shiny, shimmering yellow rays down into, and across, the still blue waters of the lake.

Suddenly as he looked down into the lake, Green could see the reflections of the tall trees, their lovely leaves, the swaying green rushes, the blossomy, over-hanging bushes and the beautiful, bobbing heads of the water-lilies.

They were mirrored in the still waters and shining up at him in beautiful blues, yellows and greens, yes Green …just like himself!

All at once Green knew that without the warm, life-giving yellow sun and the nourishing blue waters, nothing green could grow in the world: no plants, no flowers, no trees, no bushes, no grass.

In that very moment he understood that when Yellow and Blue come together… they give birth to Green, and that Green is one of the most universal and loved of all Nature’s colours!

Green was overjoyed! At last he’d found out who his parents were, and he knew his identity and place in Nature’s colourful family …and that made him feel good all over! 

‘How Green found his Family …and other Colourful Stories‘ © Michael A Vanderosen, Molkom Sweden 2011

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