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Excerpts from a Colourful Life 2: “Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee …an actor’s life for me”*…or not!

Originally I’d thought of becoming a farmer – but we no longer ‘had the money’ to buy a farm.  So having been an ASM (Assistant Stage Manager – the lowest order of animal life in the theatrical food-chain!) occasional Spear Carrier and Second Murderer in the Harrow School famed Shakespeare Society… then led and taught by the incomparable – and world renowned – Shakespearian expert Ronald Watkins … and spent many happy hours with my father (mainly during the divorce with my mother partly because I don’t think he really knew what to do with his skinny, dyslexic but fascinated movie buff son!) in the great London Cinemas of the ’50’s… The Odeons Leicester Square and Kensington and…

London Pavilion cinema, 30 July 1956The London Pavilion where I saw the Beatles ‘Help’ with Groucho Marx‘s lovely daughter in the early ’60’s!)
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