More reactions to the recent quote: “Men who don’t like girls with brains don’t like girls.” ~ Mignon McLaughlin 1966

…”Who are the girls without brains?”… “And who are the people who believe that girls without brains exists?”… and this great one: …”Well at least girls don’t have brains in two places!!!!”
And here’s my take on this ‘trick’ quote that I posted… just to be a little provocative…
This an issue common to many cultures… but the writer here is basing it mainly within the topical macho Anglo-Saxon arena of the UK and USA – certainly at the time the book was written – it was a prevailing dictum that Men ‘didn’t like (f…or ‘didn’t like’ read ‘couldn’t handle’) or felt challenged by intelligent or brainy women.

The fact that historically Men have been afraid of the innate power of the feminine has always been compounded by the challenge presented by Women who were well or better educated and confident, which posed even more of a threat to the Male bastions of ‘Power and Control’!

Thank God the Feminist and other equality-based movements of the 60’s and 70’s did much to dispel this false archetype. The point I’m making with this ‘flip quip’ is that it is still true in many places and in the psyche of many Men…. except today one might substitute the words are ‘intimidated or confused by’ instead of ‘don’t like’… still an issue then??

And Yes, Jo-Anne, women are fortunate enough to have their brains in the right place… us poor chaps still have to struggle to contain/control the tendency of our BBB (Brains Below Belt) to kick in and over-ride our ‘little gray cells’ up top whenever we see a women whose aura and presence presses the perennial survivalist Procreation button!

Hopefully our all too slow march towards a higher and more contained consciousness and the equally slow movement towards true equality between Men and Women will eventually bring us to the dawning of a day when we males will naturally respect, admire, love and delight in females whose brains have always been the equal of – and frequently superior to – ours!

In the meantime some of us Men who love and respect Brainy Girls still struggle with both sets of our brains… hopefully though nowadays, somewhat more aware and sensitive to which ‘Brain’ is in the driving seat at a given moment!!

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